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Installation of Roof Safety Systems

The Fall Protect Logo represents our solutions for fall protection in Melbourne.

Our professional team of installers are equipped for any challenge. From a standard installation to the most complexed custom install.

The installation of roof safety systems requires specialised knowledge of the use of safety equipment and the regulations that need to be complied with. Our experienced team have completed installations in a wide variety of different settings and can quickly and effectively complete installation work to fit in with your project deadlines. 

Let us help you meet your Roof Access & Height Safety obligations

Protect your people and your organisation

Solid History

We have been specialising in Roof Safety for over a decade.

Our Founder is a Registered Builder and has been in the building game for over 45 years.

Our team has been with us from the start and they have sound knowledge in all aspects of Roof Safety.

Valued Relationships

Our success in this field has led us to grow very quickly.

Now we have in the excess of 650 clients who look to us for advice and guidance for the safety of their workers.

These clients include some of the best know names in the construction industry.

Dependable Services

Our assessments are carried out in close consultation with the client so that every last detail is covered.

Awareness has grown nationally for the need for protection against falls from heights. With this in mind, along with the understanding that each client has specific needs, Fall Protect provides a beginning-to-end solution and ensures that each induvial client’s needs are met. 

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