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Consider This When

Evaluating a Roof Safety System

Our fall protection services can support your project to ensure the best safety outcomes.

Whether it is an existing building or a new one, the right system for the need should be implemented with a few things in mind.

  1. Reason for the access.
  2. The right system to suit the need
  3. Cost effective way to achieve this.
  4. Aesthetics of the system and the impact it has on the overall appearance of your building.


Speak to us about your needs or concerns. We will deliver a safe cost-effective way to ensure your building complies with the Australian Standards, Worksafe and State Regulations.

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Fall Protection Services

Safety Inspections & Assessments

A height safety specialist will consult with you to ascertain your exact requirements and discuss the best possible solution.

Safety System Design to Australian Standards

The Design of each Access & Height Safety System takes into consideration: Safety (Australian Standards), Ease of use, Value & Aesthetics.

Safety Audit and Certification

Fall Protect will certify your equipment based on Australian Standards, The Code of Practice & Worksafe Victoria.

Height Safety Training

Fall Protect offer free training with every installation for your staff and contractors.

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