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Roof Plant Platforms
& Plant Screens

The Fall Protect Logo represents our solutions for fall protection in Melbourne.

Fall Protect can design, manufacture and install
Roof Plant Platforms & Plant Screens

Protecting your people and enabling you to comply with:
  • WorkSafe
  • Australian Standards
  • State Regulations

A roof plant platform can provide access to machinery and equipment installed in high locations, for example an air conditioning unit installed on a roof. They provide safe access for inspection and maintenance of the equipment for workers while ensuring roofing is not damaged by either the weight of equipment itself or by workers accessing it.

Our platforms are constructed from highly-durable, maintenance-free walkway components to ensure a safe working space for use in a variety of high locations. We can design, construct and install platforms in any size of shape configuration to fit with your requirements. The qualities of our platforms match the walkway systems used in their construction which ensures safety compliance.

A Roof Plant Platform Designed to Your Specific Requirements

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Complies with Relevant Australian Height Safety Standards

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