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Roof Access & Height Safety

What are your responsibilities
for roof safety?

Responsibility 1

No loss of lives,
No injuries,
No litigation,
No acceess to the roof without proper training.

Responsibility 2

Employees & Contractors accessing your roof will – get up safely & get back down safely.

Responsibility 3

Whilst working on your roof the person/s have the right system installed for the purpose.

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Responsibility 1

Your Employees and Contractors sign off on the appropriate documentation stating the following – they have a clear understanding of Working at Heights (have completed their Working at Heights Training) and the specific system they are about to use.

Fall Protect will issue you a written document on the correct way to use the system that has been installed.

Let us help you meet your Roof Access & Height Safety obligations

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Our Services & Systems

Audit & Certification

Fall Protect will certify your equipment based on Australian Standards, The Code of Practice & Worksafe Victoria.

Safety Systems Designed to Australian Standards

The Design of each Access & Height Safety System takes into consideration: Safety (Australian Standards), Ease of use, Value & Aesthetics.

Fall Arrest Systems

Fall Protect designs, manufactures and installs a variety of Fall Arrest systems to protect your people and enable you to comply with WorkSafe, Australian Standards and State regulations.

Plant Platforms & Plant Screens

Fall Protect designs, manufactures and installs a variety of Plant Platforms & Plant Screens. Protecting your people and enabling you to comply with: WorkSafe, Australian Standards and State […]

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