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Roof Access & Height Safety

What are your responsibilities
for roof safety?

Responsibility 1

No loss of lives,
No injuries,
No litigation,
No acceess to the roof without proper training.

Responsibility 2

Employees & Contractors accessing your roof will – get up safely & get back down safely.

Responsibility 3

Whilst working on your roof the person/s have the right system installed for the purpose.

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Responsibility 1

Your Employees and Contractors sign off on the appropriate documentation stating the following – they have a clear understanding of Working at Heights (have completed their Working at Heights Training) and the specific system they are about to use.

Fall Protect will issue you a written document on the correct way to use the system that has been installed.

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Our Services & Systems

Safety Audit and Certification

Fall Protect will certify your equipment based on Australian Standards, The Code of Practice & Worksafe Victoria.

Safety System Design to Australian Standards

The Design of each Access & Height Safety System takes into consideration: Safety (Australian Standards), Ease of use, Value & Aesthetics.

Roof Anchors & Fall Arrest Systems Melbourne

Fall Protect designs, manufactures and installs a variety of Fall Arrest systems to protect your people and enable you to comply with WorkSafe, Australian Standards and State regulations.

Roof Plant Platform

Fall Protect can design, manufacture and install a Roof Plant Platform & Plant Screens. Protecting your people and enabling you to comply with: WorkSafe, Australian Standards and State […]

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